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Kenyan Women Create Their Own 'Geek Culture' »

Say the words “high-tech startup” and chances are you picture a world that’s mostly white, male and set in Silicon Valley. Now, a group in Nairobi, Kenya, is working to get more female entrepreneurs into the male-dominated world of tech.

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High school girls in Nairobi at a computer workshop organized by Akirachix.

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Gregory Warner

When a collective of female computer programmers in Kenya needed a name for their ladies-only club, they took their inspiration from the Japanese cult film Akira.

“So akira is a Japanese word. It means energy and intelligence. And we are energetic and intelligent chicks,” says Judith Owigar, the president of Akirachix.

A group like Akirachix would have been unthinkable even five years ago. But Kenya is making a big push toward IT — part of a plan to create a middle-class country by the year 2030.

But the techies you meet here aren’t trying to come up with the next Facebook or another app to share your photos. They’re solving local problems.

There’s one app that brings math and reading help by cellphone to village schools.

There’s an app that lets Kenyans who don’t have computers do their online shopping by cellphone.

There’s a micro-insurance product that measures the rainfall at cellphone towers and automatically distributes money to farmers in drought.

These are all applications started by women. Akirachix’s Owigar says they’re sending a message to the next wave of girl geeks. “We need them to see that we are doing it and we enjoy it. You know, you don’t find many African women looking for the spotlight. Most of them tend to hide their awesomeness,” Owigar says.

The best time to carve a spot for women in geek culture, she says, is when there isn’t much geek culture yet.

“Oneka Samet’s cafe in the Midtown neighborhood of Detroit has been open for about three weeks and business is bustling. The 35-year-old proprietor says she has a steady base of customers from Detroit itself, as well as visitors from the city’s suburbs. Some afternoons she gets as many as 20 to 30 people popping in to hang out, sip some coffee or grab a quick meal.”

Chou Anime Cafe Offers Japanese Treats, Companionship And Waitresses In Frilly Costumes


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Near Wayne State, eh??

Anita Sarkeesian Objectified on the Internet »




Anita Sarkeesian, aka FeministFrequency, went on Kickstarter to fundraise. She wanted help to fund the creation of a webseries that critiques sexism in video games and video game culture.

In response, several male gamers attacked her YouTube channel with threatening comments. Others drew pictures of her being sexually assaulted. Her physical address and phone number have been published on forums. Ostensibly, these retaliatory actions are supposed to silence her.

Ben Spurr, who goes by @bendilin on Twitter, created an interactive game which invites players to literally brutalize Anita Sarkeesian. (image under cut.) “The game isn’t about ‘punching women.’ It’s about punching a selfish person. There’s a difference,” he says. 



I’m MORTIFIED….I’m crying

This is unbelievable.  For those unfamiliar, this is Anita Sarkeesian, who runs a great channel on youtube called FeministFrequency.  Recently she went on Kickstarter in the hopes of starting a project based on feminism and video games.  She received a slew of negative criticism, including threats.  The latest response?  This game, in which players are asked to attack her.  Yes, I can see that it’s been taken down.  I think it’s a perfect example of misogyny in our culture though, that someone thought this was an acceptable response in the first place.


Hahahaha Anita got exactly what she deserved. Hard-lined l3sbian/feminist man-hater with nothing better to do than scam innocent straight men out of their sperm, and the rest of the world out of their money - because she has a vagina, and vaginas SELL. Might just as well have made herself stand on the street corner, selling her vagina to passers-by. Hats-off to the 25 year old male in Ontario, Canada. He’s probably been messed-over by a butchy lesbian, himself. This is a great way to strike back, without going to jail.

how the fuck can ANYONE find this remotely acceptable, oh my god

Uh yeah this was the shit I mentioned yesterday.

Direct quote from dude’s twitter:

I wanted to express my distaste for what she’s doing in a way she would listen.

This is someone who I am 99% sure abuses women in real life, jesus christ that is scary.

So Anita Sarkeesian had a Kickstarter and this guy didn’t like it so he made a game where you can punch her in the face, and my friend tweeted about how that was misogynist, and now she’s getting death threats, and this is why we can’t have nice things.

See also: the misogynist and racist hate Aisha Tyler receives for, basically, existing; the stuff that’s documented on Fat, Ugly or Slutty; and so on…

I don’t find it surprising that everyone and their mother jumped up to suck Felicia Day’s clit when she was verbally trashed by that dude from Destructoid, but ain’t nobody say shit when Aisha Tyler was racially and misogynistically trashed as a gamer.


You noticed that too, huh?  Where all those folks who care so much about the green, blue, purple and polka dot peeps?

can anyone play mass effect 3 online w/ my mom so she doesn’t have to put up w/ harassing dudebros?








hi so i don’t play any of the mass effects but my momma does.

unfortunately none of her friends are gamers. hitherto, she has avoided online gaming but in the case of mass effect 3 she needs to do it to raise her EMS (??? idk what that is but i hope i got the terminology right) so she can get a particular trophy/ending that she wants real bad.

do any casual, non-douche gamers wanna do some co-op missions w/ my mom? today she came to me and was like “i don’t know if you know this, but the people who game online are really mean :(” and it just about broke my heart.

she goes out of her way to revive people on her team but they just make fun of her and leave her for dead when she gets killed. which most ppl won’t be surprised by (gamer dudebros are assholes? did you also know WATER IS WET?) but this entire culture is totally alien to my poor mother and all she wants to not be harassed and stressed out while playing a game that’s supposed to be her chill-out time after a long and stressful work day.

i don’t rly have the money or the time rn to buy the game all over again for pc and play it myself but i totally will if need be just figured i’d ask if there are any preexisting mass effect 3 players out there who would be willing to not be humongous douchebags to my momma in co-op.

fuck those people.

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Culture by greyshine on Flickr.


I need to reblog this again to point out just why I love this particular picture so. That thing he’s holding? Yeah that’s a roll of packing tape in a plastic holder. That’s a thoroughly mundane, inarguably ‘modern’ artifact. Let me tell you why that’s important.

Many of the most famous and ‘iconic’ vintage photos of NDNs are from the body of work of Edward Curtis. You probably recognize some of them:

Thing is, Edward Curtis was a fucking lying liar about NDN lives.

Curtis documented some aspects of the customs and lifestyles of American Indians of the trans-Mississippi West. The publication of Curtis’s work, highly romanticized and most craftily staged, exerted a major influence on the image of Indians in popular culture. Curtis is reported to have retouched some of the photographs in order to remove modern objects, adding to the popular illusion of Native Americans as a primitive people.


Yeah, see how that second photo is deliberately sepia-toned and how the clock between the two individuals has been removed because it’s ‘too modern’? Fuck that shit.

That image up there is of a child in full tradition regalia…carrying a roll of tape. Because that child exists today in the modern world where tape is a thing. That regalia exists -today- and is not a ‘historical costume’. My love for that image is the same as my love for things like this traditional elk hide hand drum painted to look like Captain America’s shield by NDN Etsy Artist JBear:

Or this kid in Superman Powwow Regalia:

(Photo of Brandon B at the Red Paint Powwow by R. Lohr)

Because NDNs are modern, living people influenced by modern pop culture. It’s what makes things like traditionally-beaded sneakers so awesome:

(Beaded sneakers made by Elizabeth Doxtater, Mohawk)

We are here, living -today-. Sometimes we own clocks and carry tape and reference cheesy summer movies and wear sneakers. And when we do these things, they are NDN things.

moniquill is rocking my world? must be a day ending in y








Loc BunHawk x Black Nerds Unite.

Pretty!!! I like that shirt!

I need that hairclip and that shirt and those earrings and everything ok


I need everything in this picture.


Got the hair bow too!!!!!!

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My Google-Fu is strong…

you are the wind beneath my wings

Tech Startup or Pokemon? »



urrg one wrong!! 

just because I’m not as good with the newer pokemon 

I got one wrong because they misspelled “Gligar” and made me thing it was a SNEAKY TRICK QUESTION and that “Gilgar” actually was a startup.

This assumption of mine was false.

Along the same lines: Web 2.0 or Star Wars Character? (from wayyyy back in the day) and Cheese or Font.