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So Hamed Al-Khabaz, a computer science student at Dawson College in Québec, found a massive security flaw in the software that colleges use across the province to keep track of students’ personal information. He told the software company, who promised to fix it. Days later, when they found him scanning the site for vulnerabilities, they threatened him with arrest and jail time and forced him to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Then Dawson College expelled him and changed his grades to zeroes, effectively ruining his academic career.

(This is in the wake of recent security leaks by the federal government, by the way.)

The National Post has a good story on the whole thing.

Hamed helped. Help Hamed.

Update, Tues. Jan. 22, 2 pm: Al-Khabaz [the Post now spells his name Ahmed, I’m so confused] has received several job offers, including one from Skytech, the company that he “cyberattacked”. The college director maintains that “The other side of the story is related to [personal] facts that we cannot divulge.”