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The success of “District 9” has paved the way for more African-made sci-fi movies which all sound better than “District 9”. »




Zoo City (an adaptation of Lauren Beukes’s book), Tok Tokkie and The Windmill are all South African projects; I dunno about the Who Fears Death movie, which is based off a book by a Nigerian-American author, has an American producer and Kenyan director, and is set in far-future Sudan.

Via io9.

Aw this is coool!!!

Hey, Nnedi Okarafor is freaking awesome. Who Fears Death is gritty stuff.

What’s even more awesome - all the four mentioned stories are written by women.

Etienne Fourie’s a guy, but 3/4 still ain’t bad. I’m also impressed by the presence of women producers and directors, who are super rare in Hollywood.