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‘Yes we know it’s Christmas’ say African musicians as they finally record a response to Band Aid »



Gundane said he hoped that his involvement with the song would turn him into an expert on British politics and economics in the same way ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ had turned Geldof and Bono into the world’s leading experts on Africa.

“If I’m not sharing a platform with the Queen and David Cameron by this time next year; or headlining at Glastonbury, then I will have done something very wrong,” said Gundane.

Literally made my holiday season.


Actual laughter was produced. Further lulz were induced by "Charles and Camilla to get full Mzansi experience"

“They have requested to be shown traditional crafts,” said a presidential spokesperson, “so we’re taking them to the office of this guy Mo in Midtown who’ll do you a legit-looking tender application for 2K”.

and "COP17 called off as new planet found to ruin"

The international climate change talks currently happening in Durban have been abruptly ended as the news broke that astronomers have discovered a new habitable planet, Kepler 22b. “What’s the point, really, now that we have a spare?” said one climate activist.