Via jhameia, linked in the s. e. smith essay I just reblogged, but worth excerpting on its own—a post about why robot sex worker stories are as problematic as they are prolific. A particularly pertinent bit (but I do recommend reading the whole thing from the beginning to get the thread of the argument):

So now that we have some (sentient, feeling, intelligent, moral) “non-people” who were created by “real people” for sexual exploitation, and there’s no guilt in any of this, we add in the race fail and gender fail and sexual orientation fail etc.. Sexbots can have “perfect” beauty no human female (or male) can achieve, thus actualizing the advertising industry’s presentation of women as objects who can only achieve “perfect” beauty through genetics, starvation, surgery and digital “enhancement”. On the race end of things, sexbots may be compared to or referred to as “geishas”, or maybe they’re default white and turn into PoC for some plot point. Or PoC bodies and skin colors may be referred to with reference to food. Or the sexbots may be said to have no race because they can turn into any race (racial identity thus being reduced to (“artificial”) skin color, facial features and hair features). This way, the sexbots can “be” any race that the person who owns or contracts them wants, fulfilling his/her racial fetishes (and without having to deal with any of the issues of objectifying, “othering” or exploiting “real” PoC)!
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